Motivation Top 3 Challenges

Motivation, Top 3 Challenges


Morgan Henry

Ever struggle with just finding the motivation to get started?

Have the feeling that you know what you should do, but just can’t seem to do it all?

You’re not alone and there is nothing wrong with you.  You are more than capable, you’re not lazy or unmotivated, you just need to create positive habits.

Guess what?  

We can change our habits and adapt new ones that will allow us to be more motivated and proactive!

Here are 3 common habits that work against you and can kill your dreams if you allow it!


Many people just classify themselves as a procrastinator, just their personality, but that is simply an excuse. The truth is that it is a habit, and it can and should be changed.

Many times procrastination is a method to relieve stress.  Big dreams can be scary, intimidating even.  New opportunities or working for a new opportunity is something that our brains may struggle with, so we become stressed and avoid it which leads to a bad habit.

Stress is unavoidable, so recognize it, work through it and break that habit of avoidance.


There is so much focus on getting everything right.  Why?  We think if we get it perfect, we won’t be criticized.  We think if we just do it perfectly, we won’t fail.  

Sound familiar?  Seeking perfection can paralyze you and kill your dreams.

Sometimes just getting the work done, even if not perfect, is much more important.  Waiting for things to be perfect will hold you back.  Mistakes will always be made and that is a good thing, it helps us learn!  The best lessons are through mistakes!


We all wait; for the right time, the right feeling, the right person, the motivation, the sign, etc.  

If you are waiting for something you will just be STUCK!  Whatever you are waiting for, it’s not coming.

Don’t seek an external force to push you, start your project or give you that break.  It won’t happen.  The force you need to create change in your life is YOU!

To find success and happiness you have to look within yourself.  Create discipline and create the change you want in your life. Stop the waiting.

Written By: Morgan Henry 

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