New Year New Goals 3 Resolutions to Help your Career

New Year, New Goals: 3 Resolutions to Help your Career


Morgan Henry

While most of us resolve to improve our self in the New Year, very few of us come close to achieving the goal we set at the start of the year. 

In fact, on average about 25% of people will give up on their resolutions by January 7

Most of the time resolutions are set with the intention of some sort of self improvement in the new year (be healthier, read more, lose weight, ect). 

While the self improvement resolutions are great they rarely help you to advance your work goals. 

This year why not set some resolutions that will help you get several steps closer to your career goals! 

Here are some New Year Resolutions you can set to help advance your career in 2020:

  1. Learn new stress reduction techniques

Forbes Magazine suggests: “When you get upset or stressed about work, experiment with what calms you in the moment. 

Whether you stretch, meditate, breathe, go for a walk, go to the gym and get some exercise, or read some poetry or scripture. 

Find a way to reduce stress in the moment so you can make clear headed decisions, something that helps change your frame of mind about a situation or helps you feel calm and less overwhelmed”.

2. Be on time

This is a career basic but you would be surprised how often people are late to work and walking through the door mins before morning meeting. 

Being on time reduces stress, gives you time to get yourself ready and organized. 

Punctuality is seen as professional and is a characteristic found in reliable professionals. This behavior won’t go unnoticed! Force yourself to manage your time, to schedule enough time to get ready, get organized and arrive early.

3. Network 

We have said this before and we will say it again and until the end of time! Networking is the KEY to your career success! Opportunities come to those who know people! 

Go to industry events, have your friends in the industry to introduce you to their friends, support others in their professional endeavors. It’s as simple as making friends in your own industry, it doesn’t have to be contrived or transactional like an awkward networking event. Get out and meet new people; it is the lifeblood of your career.

Once you choose a resolution make sure to clearly define the stepping stones that will get you closer to achieving your goal.

Make sure to set firm, measurable objectives that you can track. 

The little successes along the way are the confetti that keep you motivated and maintains the resolution relevant so you don’t lose sight of  what you’re working towards!

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is this year we wish you much success, and hope you achieve all of your goals in 2020!

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