Origin Story

Origin Story


Morgan Henry

iDEAL Personnel’s story starts in 2009.

At the tail end of the recession and in the midst of one of the greatest unemployment crises our country had ever seen; two strong willed, badass, highly motivated, 20 something year olds took on (what seemed to be) the impossible.

They started an employment agency during a time when jobs were in high demand, but nowhere to be found. Just a few weeks after opening, in a tiny office with minimal office supplies, the two were resolved to find desperate job seekers employment. Determination, grit, and fearlessness describe the ambitious leaders who were unwilling to allow the economy to keep them from achieving their shared dream.

Fast Forward almost a decade later, and now 20,000+ hires have walked the halls of iDEAL Personnel. If you have engaged with iDEAL, you know firsthand that the founders and all those that walk alongside them are nothing short of amazing. Their tenacious approach and integrity towards their company and clients has resulted in one of the leading staffing agencies in the industry.

So, there you have it, the short story of how the iDEAL Personnel Empire was built. We hope getting to know us a little better will inspire you to stick around as our journey continues. Because as iDEAL grows, so will you!  Together we are iDEAL!

We promise to bring you the latest job market trends, hiring tips, common mistakes to avoid, feel good stories, and exclusive access to resources inside our iDEAL family!

And so it seems Walt Disney was right.

Dreams really do come true.

Cue the fireworks.

Founders: Justin Brandt & Rebeca Martinez

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