Pandemic created job Health Screener

Pandemic created job: Health Screener


Morgan Henry

While new job opportunities are always a good thing, a new position rising from the fear and precautions of the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t exactly predictable.

Throughout the last 6 months there has been no person, job or company unaffected. 

While many jobs may have suffered, or undergone drastic change, the need for a new position has risen.

Necessary precautions are being taken by companies, to find a way to keep their employees safe and efficient while also abiding by CDC recommended guidelines.

The first step was to be sure any employee coming to work had their temperature taken. 

Companies immediately thought of hiring nurses but quickly realized the need for nurses on the front line was so great that there was no way to hire them to screen employees.

What became clear was that it doesn’t take a nurse to take a temperature.  A little knowledge and training combined with someone who has good people skills could likely work.

Searching for a good health screener quickly lead to looking for individuals with good customer service skills.  Waiters, bartenders and hospitality workers; all industries that lost their jobs amid the initial shutdown; possess these skills.

Every employer wants to provide a safe workplace and reduce the risk of exposure.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a change in almost every facet of American life.  Whether it’s how we work or how we consume, changes have been widespread and have resulted in millions of lost jobs.

However, the virus has also brought this demand for new types of work. 

As companies are considering how to bring their employees back into offices in the safest way possible we are grateful for what has been learned and the precautions that are being put into place.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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