Preventing Turnover Turmoil

Preventing Turnover Turmoil


Morgan Henry

You put out a listing, interviewed candidates, and selected the cream of the crop.  

Then a few months, or maybe as long as a year later, some or all of those employees have moved on to other ventures, leaving you to start the entire process over again.

Why are people leaving?

How can your organization prevent high turnover? 

To learn how to prevent  employee loss you first have to identify the potholes that may be occurring in your organization. Here are 3 reasons your top choices may have abandoned ship. 

  1. An unhealthy, mission less work environment can lead to staff with low motivation and work life imbalance which ultimately leads to job loss. 
  2. Unemployment rates are at an all time low and job candidates have the advantage of choice.  While this is great news for the economy, it usually means higher turnover as employees have a plethora of options and opportunities. If your company is not offering a competitive salary and benefits package you can guarantee quality staff will likely move on. 
  3. Ineffective leadership is the number one reason people leave their jobs.  Is leadership inspirational or toxic? This is a crucial question you’ll need to answer if staff turnover is at an all time high for your company. 

One simple step to begin the corrective process is to conduct exit interviews. 

An open and honest conversation with an employee who has already made the decision to leave, can help your company gain insight as to whether this was an isolated personal decision, or if there is a larger underlying problem within the company. 

Another step towards rehabilitation is to increase retention by becoming an introspective company. 

Take for example, the standard interview question of “What makes you the best person for this job?” if you inverse that sentiment to “What makes this the best job for these people?” you can begin to evaluate what your weaknesses as an organization may be, and begin the process of repair.

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