Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

Quantity Does Not Equal Quality


Morgan Henry

At the onset of the pandemic unemployment numbers were at historic highs.

Fast forward to September –  

Unemployment funds have been depleted and the race to find a new job has commenced. 

Job candidates, here is how you standout amongst the many.

  1. Avoid over applying. While applying to many jobs seems productive it can quickly lead to feeling burned out and put a damper on your motivation to find a job if you are not hearing back. Instead, focus on applying to the “right” job and tailor your resume to give you the best chance of success.

Use the job description as a guide for what information to include in your resume to best highlight your qualification for that specific job.  

Applicant tracking system software has become more widely used in today’s market and filters applications for key words and phrases that better match the job description.  Resumes are then ranked against other applicants before they ever see human eyes.

  1. Select positions that fit your experience, skills, and qualifications. Be honest with yourself and ask “Am I qualified for this position and do I actually want this job?”.

Applying for a role you are under, or overqualified for may lower your chance of a response.  Recruiters can spot when a candidate has applied to a position and hasn’t even read the job description.  

This can communicate to employers that you don’t really have an interest in that company or position.

  1. Consider going beyond just applying.  Reach out to your network and ask for referrals. 

Sometimes asking someone for a referral may seem intrusive, but many companies offer incentives or bonuses for referrals and employers often regard referrals as a quality source of applicants.

  1. Lastly, if you are applying for select jobs that you are suitable for and are still receiving no follow up, consider reaching out to the company a few weeks after the job closing date.  
  2. Write or call and politely ask for honest feedback so you can adjust your job search. Sometimes the motivation of your rejection will lead to new details about the job that you didn’t expect. 

Employers, we advise you seek help from the talent recruitment pros to find those quality employees and avoid wasted time on the “wrong candidate”.  

Staffing agencies put their time and effort into finding the right candidate for the job the first time around.

More resumes does not always equal more chances of finding the right candidate fast.  

This creates a lack of quality control.  Many candidates may be qualified on paper but it’s possible none will be a good match for the company’s specific needs and end up as a mis-hire.

Recruiters are problem solvers and use their knowledge and expertise to identify the right candidates. Once they recognize an individual with the right skills for a position they reach to them and conduct their own interview.  This is critical in uncovering other relevant experience of the applicant.  They help candidates identify relevant experience gained through professional work, volunteering, formal and online educational training, internships, certifications and other personal projects that could lead to them being the ideal candidate.

Investing in the pros means they won’t just send you certain resumes and hope one will stick; they will talk to their clients about each candidate and bring them to life off of the paper.  By discussing  each individual, their experiences and aspirations, clients will be able to make the best match.

Once a candidate has been placed in a role the recruiter will follow up and address any concern that may arise from the client or the candidate.

The recruitment agency helps relieve a large amount of stress and pressure for employers, putting their time into finding the highest quality individual for the position.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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