Recruitment agencies can save you money

Recruitment agencies can save you money!


Morgan Henry

Recruitment agencies are too expensive.

We’ve heard this before, countless times.

Guess what?

Recruitment agencies can actually save you money!

The hiring process is complex & while anyone can hire, not everyone can hire correctly. Talent recruitment requires skills, training and a level of expertise.  With the high price tag that on-boarding and training a new employee comes with can you risk the possibility of a bad hire?

How much does hiring really cost you?

You should always take into account the following when figuring out your true cost of hiring:

1. In house HR Team
If your company is growing you’ll want to have an internal HR person to help you with the on-boarding process. However, that too comes at a price, a salary price we mean.

2. Networking events/ Career events
In order to find quality employees you;ll have to put in some work to find them. If you like most of us consider time is money, then you’ll be spending a lot of after hour work time at networking events (which may or may not come with a price tag also).

3. Job boards fees
Remember when you could put a job opening in the newspaper for a nominal fee and the resumes would just fly in? You can still do that but no one is likely to apply. To find quality employees and to advertise your opening you may have to post on job boards. Which friends is not free.

4. Background checks
Lets say you get lucky and find the purple unicorn on your own. Now (we hope) you follow the safe practice of completing a background check. So add some more dollar signs to your current price tag.

5. Training
It takes time to get someone ready for their new role. Especially if you hired someone with limited experience. Did we mention time is money?

Reduce the risk of turnover by investing in your company’s greatest asset, your employees!  Fill positions with qualified staff from the start to reduce unnecessary and expensive turnover costs.

The cost to replace an employee is 2-3 times an employee’s annual salary.  Why take the risk of a bad hire?

The iDEAL talent recruiters are expert match makers and ready to place your next employee.  We are confident in our results and provide a replacement guarantee.

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