Remote Work: The Importance of a Camera On Culture


Morgan Henry

Remote and Hybrid work is the new normal for many of us.   

As companies adapt and develop a new company culture around remote environments there are new obstacles to tackle. 

One of the most common barriers reported is a lack of connection with co-workers and supervisors. 

Technology has helped fill that gap by adding in the very important and also often dreaded – Video conferencing. 

This tech layers in support to help us see our coworkers in real time and fills that isolation that many of us in the remote world experience. 

However, connection is lost when the camera gets turned off.  

In office environments there is no camera to turn off. 

You are fully there and present to be seen and coworkers are able to pick up on your  non verbal cues. 

Employee bonds are built in the break room during a coffee break and at lunch with a quick check in. 

So how do we create the same bonds in our virtual work environment?

Short answer –

Turn the camera on. 

Your virtual presence holds so much value. 

Put effort into connecting with the person on the other screen as you would if you were meeting in real time.

We realize a “cameras on culture” may come with some anxiety. 

Some employees report anxiety about staring at themselves in the tiny camera to the right. 

If that’s you, take steps to explore why that anxiety is there. 

Combat the fear and find ways to minimize your on camera anxiety

Remind yourself it is not just about what you wear, or how you look on camera

Because we all know a perk to working from home is comfortable attire –

It’s about engagement and inclusion.

Inclusion creates trust, safety and belonging and is a critical part of outcomes like engagement and productivity. 

Developing inclusion is almost impossible if we never SEE our teammates.

Creating that connection comes from not only taking time to talk with one another on a personal level, but also to SEE your teammates and celebrate achievements together. 

A camera’s on work culture allows for an environment that is closer to the in-person connections we once experienced. 

So we highly recommend you turn your camera on! 

The reward –  you will develop a STRONG virtual team that is able to bond and connect the same way (and many times in better ways) than those in person teams. 

Written By: Morgan Henry

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