REMOTE WORK The New Sign On Bonus

REMOTE WORK: The New Sign On Bonus


Morgan Henry

Through the challenges and stress of the pandemic we have all adjusted to a different way of life, this included transitioning to remote work.  

A huge curveball with a big learning curve.  

A curve that we all have gotten comfortable with and many are unwilling to give up.

18 months into the Pandemic and many companies are choosing to eliminate remote work.

And are moving towards implementing a mandatory return to the office policy.

The results of this decision – a rise in employee turnover

White-collar employees are digging in their heels and refusing to give up the remote work lifestyle.

And those high caliber employees are running arms wide open, towards the companies offering the work from home bonus. 

The reason behind it is simple.

The flexibility employees have gained is something that many are not willing to part with.  

Those companies willing to hire new talent to work remotely are giving people the change that they are looking for. 

While a sign on bonus has always been a great motivator, companies are now dangling work from home as a perk.

And its working!

Here is why- 

Which sounds better to you – a 30-45 minute commute to a big city office, hustling through traffic to be on time?

Or enjoying your warm coffee on the couch as you catch up on the news?

Keep that sign on bonus – let me work from home!

The work from home allure is real and we get it – dont you? 

Companies need to regain their flexibility to keep quality staff and they need to do this quickly! 

The US Labor Department shows that more American workers are quitting their jobs now than any time in the last 20 years!

One of the biggest factors – cue the broken record – 

Executives planning a full-time return to the office.

For all of the bad things we have dealt with from the pandemic it provided us control to work from anywhere!

It allowed for us to incorporate freedom into our work life and improved work life balance.

Moreover, to remain competitive businesses MUST make the long term switch to a flexible work culture and allow employees to keep their autonomy.

We must all learn to embrace the new!

By: Morgan Henry

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