Remote Workplace Tips


Morgan Henry

Working remotely existed well before the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it has undoubtedly increased in popularity, especially for a new generation looking to start their careers.

The ability to pack up and take your desk anywhere with a WiFi connection is a huge bonus to many and creates the ability to be much more flexible with your work schedule.

While working remotely is a great workplace option, it requires a lot of self-discipline.

Working from home isn’t for everyone, but it is an option that is not likely to disappear anytime soon.

If you establish good work habits and a stable routine, it is a great environment that promotes productivity, responsibility, and flexibility.

To help you out, here are some tips for working from home that can help you stay productive and focused without feeling overwhelmed.

Avoid distractions

Obstacles will always be there regardless of if you are in an office,  coffee shop or at home; the distractions just vary.

Distractions are often unavoidable (can’t exactly tell the construction crew to stop working and being so loud, or the neighbor to mow their yard at a different time), but you can prepare yourself to deal with distractions.

When it comes to all those unwanted noises a pair of noise-canceling headphones can be very useful, at least until it’s time to answer a phone call. 

A good pair of headphones is worth it and will allow you to escape in your own little world with a podcast, playlist, or even just some white noise to regain your focus.

Family members or roommates are another common distraction.

No one means to disturb you during an important meeting, but it certainly happens. 

Give those in your home a heads up when you have a scheduled call so they know not to disturb you and give them a timeline on how long you may be.

Be sure to remind them about 30 minutes before as an extra precaution, because we all forget things.

Set reminders and timers

We can all get burned out, especially staring at a computer all day, so set reminders throughout your day to switch to a different task or take a break to stretch or walk outside.

Your digital calendar is there to help you, so use it to your advantage. 

Your phone even has reminder apps where you can set up specific times to notify you of upcoming tasks. 

Use that technology to your advantage to streamline your day and stay on top of your goals as well.

Don’t sit still all-day

Staying in the same position for eight hours of the day is not beneficial for your mental and physical health. We all know this and feel this, but often get into a grind and just stay at a desk for far too long.

Your muscles start to cramp up, your eyes begin to strain, and by the time you sign off for the day, your entire body aches.

Take at least five minutes to stretch every few hours throughout your workday. Those few minutes to get your body moving and blood flowing will make such a big difference. 

One benefit to working from home is while you take that break you have the option to do a quick chore like throwing in a load of laundry or putting dishes away, or sometimes switch work areas to get some new scenery.

Yes, you still need to take your lunch break

You may not have to pack a lunch for the office or always find somewhere to go out to eat now that you work remotely, but avoid cabin fever and try to leave the house at least once a week for a lunch break. 

Even taking your lunch outside or to a park so you are refreshing your mind and body in the process. 

If you’ve worked in an office before you likely would find time to run a quick errand or workout here and there, so allow yourself to do that now. 

Working remotely removes your commute, but it shouldn’t take away from your life and routines.  Give yourself grace and remember that you still have that time.

Getting out of the house for an hour makes a huge difference in your workday and you will likely come back to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to get back to business. 

Find what works for you

We can all research the best methods to work from home, but it’s not a “one size fits all.” 

Every company runs on its own work schedule and has its expectations for its remote work employees; however, it is up to each individual to take those expectations and find what routine works best for them and fits their schedule.

To avoid being overwhelmed, keep track of how much time you spend on each task and keep your mind and body moving throughout the day.

Seems simple, but tracking your day and adjusting to what works best for you will be the biggest way to make the most of your remote job.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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