Stress Management & Awareness


Morgan Henry

April is recognized as stress awareness month. 

As we go about our daily lives we are all enduring some level of stress, but learning to cope in healthy ways is essential to creating a positive and healthy life.

If left uncared for extreme stress can lead to serious physical and mental health concerns. 

There is no singular definition of stress, as we all experience it in very different ways. 

To generalize stress we define it as physical, mental, or emotional tension or strain on oneself.

Beyond mental exhaustion, stress often leads to headaches, stomach problems, depression, and increased blood pressure which can further exacerbate heart problems.

While it is well known that stress is harmful to our health, sometimes we don’t have the ability or power to change our circumstances.  

So how can we manage?

Three key things will always come into play, eating healthy, exercising, and getting proper sleep.  

They are our cornerstone and essential to all aspects of our lives. Beyond the three keys to a healthy life, think through these tips.

  • Take control of your own actions and reactions. 

 Focus your attention on something that provides you calmness and control. 

Find something that works for you to aid in relaxation, even if it’s as simple as deep breathing exercises. 

Hanging out with friends and family can be a meaningful outlet for many of us.

  • Recognize and acknowledge what you are not able to control, then let it go.  

Dwelling on your circumstances that you are not in control of will only heighten your stress and anxiety.  

If you find your thoughts constantly running through your mind then try writing your feelings out so you don’t feel the need to hold onto them. 

Just breathe.

  • Establish consistency and be disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle.  

This includes a vision with realistic goals for your personal growth. 

Set those goals and incorporate what you enjoy in life.  

What’s your hobby?  That is typically a great outlet for stress.

Overall, be open and honest.  

We all deal with stress, so talk about it with others, find what helps you cope best, and reach out for help if needed.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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