Strong Leaders Sleep Well

Strong Leaders Sleep Well


Morgan Henry

Do you get enough sleep?

The CDC recommends a sleep hygiene routine that includes a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. 

Here’s why:

We need sleep to consolidate and store memories, process emotional experiences, replenish glucose(that fuels our brain),and clear out beta-amyloid(the waste that builds up in Alzheimer’s patients and disrupts cognitive activity).

Recent research indicates that over 40% of Americans report getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night. 

So what does this mean for our ability to function at full capacity? 

Sleep deprivation can lead to impulsive decision making, creativity plummets, limited patience, difficulty processing and decreased productivity. 

For those in leadership positions this can be fatal. 

As leaders your motivation, attitude, and ability to process is crucial to the success of your team. 

So if you are not functioning at your top performing speed, your team likely isn’t either. 

The solution – easy but not always simple to accomplish is :

Get More Sleep, The Best Leaders Sleep Well.

Here are a few simple but underutilized suggestions to help get your sleep hygiene routine back on track:

-Stick to a consistent bedtime/wake-up schedule 

-Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and exercising close to bedtime.

-Relax and be mindful/meditate to lower anxiety before bedtime.

-Keep your phone down once you prepare for bed.

– Did you have a bad night of sleep? Plan for an opportunity to take a quick power nap in lieu of a long lunch break to replenish your energy.

Real talk. 

You can squeeze in more work hours if you sleep less, but at what cost.

Ask yourself this – How will this impact you?

Are you willing to sacrafice the quality of your LEADERSHIP?

The Best Leaders Sleep Well, join the group of Elite and make sleep a priority!

Written By: Morgan Henry

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