Swipe right for the iDEAL Employee

Swipe right for the iDEAL Employee


Morgan Henry

A friend introduces you, you exchange a few text messages, then meet up for coffee to get to know each other better.

Did we just describe dating, or recruitment?

It seems the scenario can describe both!

What sounds a lot like dating also describes a process that talent recruiters often use to find qualified employees.

Recruiters are a lot like “dating experts” matching qualified candidates to job openings is their area of expertise.

Leaving it up to fate is an archaic tactic that employers, and those searching for significant others are leaving behind.

The likeness continues with use of technology to find your match!

Tech and social media has allowed for people to search for jobs and apply easily by use of their smartphone, similar to the use of the dating apps users can easily scroll through opportunities and match their preferred job qualifications to themselves.

Match made, and then courting begins.

With the market being on the side of the employee companies are often courting top talent and candidates are finding themselves testing out the waters with both before committing to one. And in an environment where the competition for talent in sectors such as technology can be fierce, courting a potential candidate can pay off.

Investing in talent recruitment can help you to reduce the risk of a “bad hire” which can lead to unnecessary “divorce” costs.  Fill positions with qualified staff from the start to reduce unnecessary and expensive turnover costs.

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