Talent Recruiters 4 Tips to Increase Productivity

Talent Recruiters: 4 Tips to Increase Productivity


Morgan Henry

It often seems that finding quality employees is an unattainable task.

Desirable staff are in high demand & with the surplus of available positions it may seem impossible to find the right candidate.

It’s no wonder that companies are turning to the experts more than ever! 

Talent recruiters are trained to find businesses their iDEAL employee, to decrease the risk of a “bad hire”. 

And the high demand for top talent has brought on an exponential increase in the workload of recruiters.

The matchmaking experts are no stranger to the persistent pressures of sourcing the very best candidates.

But the stress, while common, can hinder productivity and lead to declining results. 

Whether you’re a staffing recruiter or business owner trying to DIY the right hire; improving hiring skills increases opportunities for onboarding in-demand talent.

Apply these 4 easy steps to your recruitment routine to boost productivity.

1. Explore your resource pool

It’s not always necessary to find new candidates.

Look at your current talent pool and check whether there is talent available that matches your open role’s job description.

This approach can save you a considerable amount of time to focus on other important aspects of your job. 

Contacting old applicants will not only help you fill roles more quickly but will also help to free up more of your time. 

2. Set daily to-do list and long term goals

Start off your day with a list of what you need to accomplish by the end of the day. List your workload in order of priority.

Important tasks first and if necessary break down each of your to-do tasks into:What, When, How Long.

Physically marking off a task can help you stay on course for the day and feel accomplished.

There is nothing worse for productivity than spending half a day on something that will have very little impact on the final result. 

3. Don’t multitask if it sacrifices quality

While many businesses view multitasking as a way to increase productivity, and it can be, it can also be a hindering factor.

When things are too busy and you try to multitask it can quickly lead to mistakes and not all mistakes are easily ratified.

Recruitment can become pretty hectic and it’s tempting to get everything done at once.

Putting focus on one thing at a time will lead to higher quality work without having to revisit mistakes or omitted processes. 

4. Let technology be your friend

We live in a digital world and there are many options recruiters can use to filter their information. 

The ability to use a filtering system allows for more productivity by not trawling through endless applications manually.

One of the simplest measures of productivity is the number of actions you are taking every day.

By measuring the number of calls, emails, text messages and tasks you finish you can improve and get more done every day. 

Measurements such as this may still have flaws.

But, using this data with other data can be a quite useful to peek into what you did, how you did it and how to get better at it!

Improving your recruiting efforts is a never-ending task full of constant growth and maximum reward. 

Written By: Morgan Henry 

iDEAL Personnel

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