Talent Recruitment in 2021

Talent Recruitment in 2021


Morgan Henry

Raise your hand if you walked into 2021 with high hopes for a better year.  

With all the curveballs that 2020 brought it’s only natural to look forward to a year filled with consistency and positive change.

Luckily most of us are steering ahead already carrying the skills of flexibility and adaptation that last year equipped us with. 

The recruitment field has been no stranger to the need to adapt and we can now confidently say that  COVID-19 has forever changed the traditional hiring process.   

Applying a more digital transformation to hiring may have always been on the radar for many companies, but the pandemic has vastly accelerated everyone’s plans, and we predict it’s here to stay  – permanently! 

The percentage of businesses using AI (artificial intelligence) for talent acquisition has grown over 20% in the past 12 months and is projected to double over the next year. 

And as many companies continue to hold the remote work model the options for hiring talent has grown exceptionally and has opened doors to a global network of employees. 

So what does this mean for the Staffing Industry?

With a larger talent pool comes the need for AI and automation software. 

Its main purpose, to increase efficiency and allow for candidate placements at an accelerated speed.  

Many recruitment companies have shared a fear of changing processes and integrating AI due to the possibility of losing the “personal connection”.  

We get it! Robots are not people and they can not replace human interaction and logic. 

But we can confirm (from personal experience) that loss of personal touch is unlikely to happen.  

The use of AI tools has proven to offload repetitive tasks which increases staff availability allowing for more free flowing conversation and interactions to occur. 

So fear not, personal connection is not lost, it is only strengthened with the integration of these tools. 

Programs that are necessary for the ongoing success of staffing agencies that wish to survive this new world.

“The only thing consistent is life is change”. 

So we say, full speed ahead. 

Embrace the new and make it yours. 

It is a sure path to success and will ultimately lead to landing the iDEAL employees needed for long term company growth.  

Written By: Morgan Henry  

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