Team Building - Quarantine Edition

Team Building – Quarantine Edition


Morgan Henry

During this new “normal” companies everywhere have figured out how to adjust.  

Although we were all unprepared, companies were able to shift quickly to fully function and perform responsibilities from home.

Let’s be honest – we have all been under tremendous stress, sometimes we still are, and burnout has been looming. 

Leaders have a responsibility to keep morale high and make sure staff stays connected.

So as we brushed up on our Virtual Team Building we thought we would share a few ideas on how to keep the Team Comradery going!

  • Start off your morning meeting with “water cooler talk.”  Typically in the office employees are conversing about their life or pop culture before they get into work mode for a scheduled meeting.  Encourage your team to hop on your virtual meeting early and just chat about life!  Drink your coffee, talk about your new hobby, tv shows, etc., just open up and allow time to connect.
  • Instead of a typical meeting, think of setting up a virtual meet up to meditate and be mindful.  Have an employee lead this weekly, or use free available options online!  A time for mindfulness creates a level of vulnerability allowing team members to connect and get to know each other on a deeper level.
  • Host an impromptu Q & A.  If your company has a big announcement or other important news follow it up with a virtual time for employees to freely ask any questions they may have.  Being open and transparent can be tough, especially during these uncertain times.  Reporting good news is easy but be willing to confront difficult situations too.  This will allow for open dialogue and ease feelings of uncertainty, allowing employees to feel more confident and comfortable knowing the status of the company.
  • Make up your own games!  Yes, you are allowed to have fun with your coworkers too!  Keep it simple, but fun.  Who has the most random thing in their home?  Who can create the most creative or silly outfit in a short period of time?  Set up a talent show, have a trivia night,  or even take turns with cooking or baking “episodes.”  Use a random question generator, discuss your favorite movie or your travel list.  The options are endless!

Team building is meant to be fun and to facilitate connections.  Even though we are socially distant there are so many activities that will enable you to learn more about one another.  Let us all continue to work together to build our company relationships in the absence of physical and social interactions.  Our goal is to feel connected, engaged, appreciated, and happy to work!

Written By: Morgan Henry

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