The 5 TOP SKILLS Employers Look For


Morgan Henry

As we enter a post pandemic world employers are seeking staff with enhanced professional skills.

Qualities once listed as “preferred” are now required and necessary to land the job. 

Below are the Top 5 most desired employee skills for 2022.

1. Communication

With a drastic shift in digital work and remote or hybrid positions, highly effective communication skills are essential.

When you take it back to the basics, if someone is great at communicating, they will most likely be effective as an employee.

While this is seemingly simple, communication is anything but. 

The two major types of communication, verbal and written, should be included on your resume. 

Verbal communication relates to organizing meetings, public speaking, inbound/outbound calling, and team leadership.  

Emphasize verbal communication on your resume by showcasing how you can effectively organize meetings, lead teams, and communicate with clients on calls.

Written communication focuses more on the professional setting and correspondence such as emails, blogs, etc. 

Depending on the position you are applying for and your experience. 

Showcase your skills as a writer by sharing various circumstances in previous roles in which you have effectively used written communication.

You may think communication skills seem obvious, however, they are highly sought after by employers right now.  

Be sure to include the volume of communication you are accustomed to dealing with so there is a data point for reference.

2. Adaptability

Since 2020 we have all had to adapt in numerous ways and chances are you have utilized professional adaptability in more ways than one.  

Being an adaptable and open-minded employee is highly sought after.  Rapid change in workplaces has been a struggle for many.  

While life seems to be regaining normalcy, it’s certain that we will continue to need the ability to get things done with new and innovative methods.

To include this skill on your resume explains your ability to shift priorities or generate new solutions to the team.  

Did you help with a new process that leads to a more efficient productivity? Work with team members to streamline processes that lead to better results?  

Think of how your past experiences where you or your team adapted and have a positive outcome.


Leading and managing people will always be a highly sought after skill.  

Even when you are not applying for a management position it’s important to share this skill and your experiences. 

A good way to showcase leadership abilities is to talk about goals you met as a team.  

Be specific and discuss delegating tasks that led to accomplishing team goals. Include real data and express how you impacted the business by assisting in leading.  

Remember that leadership is about the team effort.  Nothing can be accomplished alone, so be sure to recognize teamwork success.


This particular skill can be defined in multiple ways and sometimes difficult to showcase on a resume.

Depending on your industry, creativity can be more obvious, such as an artistic or professional portfolio.  

While for many industries you will want to share experience with pitching projects and idea generation.

The key is to tie it back to the company impact and how your creative thinking was beneficial.  

Did your artistic skills make your brand more approachable?  

Were you creative with problem solving with a computer system or database?  

Share your field speciality and your creative impacts within the business in as many ways as possible.

5.Conflict Resolution

The act of managing and resolving conflicts and disagreements in the workplace is a great skill to mention.  

Explaining the skill can be tricky, but just remember to never be negative about previous conflicts that occured at your previous position.

Acknowledge the conflict you worked through and speak positively  about how you were able to settle differences in opinion between your team. 

Use these simple references to help you list the skill on your resume.

Resolved disagreements timely and effectively between team members.  

Worked with management to ensure conflicts between employees were resolved swiftly.  

Assisted employees with new transitions in their role to alleviate conflict between team members.

While somewhat difficult to list and discuss, conflict management ins important in every industry.  

Regardless of your job or how well your team works together, conflicts will arise.  

The key is learning to react in a way that will be neutral and in the end better your team.

Many other skills will be included on your resume depending on the position you are applying for, and always remember to edit your resume based on the specific job you are applying for.  

But, another important thing to note is to never embellish your resume or inflate a previous job title.  

At the end of the day employers are looking for honesty, dedication and hard work.  

Specific skills for a job can be taught over time, but your trustworthiness and previous experiences can be the biggest factor in you landing that new job you are looking for.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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