The Disappearing Workforce

The Disappearing Workforce


Morgan Henry

The workforce is seeing historic unemployment highs with over 9 million job openings!

Amid the record number, Americans are taking their time looking for work.

With an average of 10% of job seekers actively searching to re-enter the workforce.  

The question arises, why is unemployment so high when the available job opportunities runneth over? 

Recent surveys indicate many continue to fear contracting COVID-19.

And others are motivated to continue the extended leave of absence due to the generous unemployment packages.

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, economists are worried that the labor crisis threatens the economic recovery.

Many businesses are scaling back operations due to lack of staff.

While others attempt to meet demand by working long hours, paying overtime or offering bonuses.

None of these options are sustainable.

Companies are essentially having to outbid the government’s unemployment generosity to attempt to lure employees back to their jobs!

In an effort to rebuild the workforce 25 states cut the enhanced unemployment benefits that began when we first felt the grip of the pandemic.

Their hope?

That ending the extended benefits will encourage the unemployed workforce to get back to work.

The decline of COVID-19 is promising and brings hope.

And the return of schools in the fall brings hope that many will increase in job searches once again.

Overall each month is bringing new changes and we hope to see that unemployment and job openings trend downward. 

Over halfway through 2021 and it’s time to see more normalcy emerge again.

It’s time to rejoin the workforce! 

And we highly recommend not waiting as competition will be high when the race to the best job begins! 

Don’t get left behind and connect with a recruiter to get a head of the rush. 

We are looking forward to helping and seeing a booming and ever growing workforce once again!

Written By: Morgan Henry

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