The Latest News on Company Reviews

The Latest News on Company Reviews


Morgan Henry

Have you ever checked your company reviews?

If the answer is no, we strongly advise you do this ASAP!

The number of people turning to search engines to learn more about companies has grown exponentially over the past 5 years!

A recent survey by Review Trackers found that 6 out of 10 consumers are now looking at Google for company reviews.

Another study reported that 91% of people are regularly or at least occasionally taking to the internet to read online reviews.

84% of these people report that they trust these online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation!

Don’t miss out on new customers & potential hires because of an inaccurate ½ star review.

If you have several bad reviews don’t stress we have a few troubleshooting options for you!

  • One solution is to reply to the unhappy reviewer. Let them and the public know your side of the story. Make sure to express empathy, concern and a possible resolution as a response to the low scoring post. People want to know you are the type of company that cares about how others feel and believe in making improvements.
  • Increase the number of positive reviews shared about your company to increase your score average! You can do this by encouraging anyone that has interacted with your company to share their positive experience with the internet world. Most employees and clients are happy to spread the love we just need to (kindly) ask! Customer service skills are key friends!
  • Make review positing simple! Have a simplified link ready to be shared via email, text, or social media. The easier it is to share an experience the more likely you are to receive a stellar review.

Start to build from where you stand today and let everyone know about the 5 star company you are!

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