The Post-Holiday Slump How to Increase Your Motivation

The Post-Holiday Slump: How to Increase Your Motivation


Morgan Henry

The Holidays are over. Now What? 

For weeks there has been a holiday fever fueling both staff and employers alike. But what do we do now that the festivities have died down, decorations have been hidden in the back of a closet forgotten until next year, and extra time off has come to an end? 

This is the time of year that I like to call, “The New Year Slump”. It starts off well enough. Everyone is pumped up with the prospect of a new year on the horizon. I mean it’s 2020, right? We have started the year with our perfect visions in mind and well intended goals put in place. Then about a couple weeks after our holiday binging has come to a close, when everything has settled down into the normal routines, it begins. The Monday blues have crept back, The calling out “sick” days begin, and the never ending wait for the weekend ensues. 

Well, how about if this year we do things a little different. 

Tips to increase and help maintain your motivation at work 

Get your health back on track

 After weeks upon weeks of eating at holiday events, parties, staff lunches, and on and on we have started to see the effects or rather feel them. For some of us it is most evident not on the outside, but rather on the inside. Our bodies are moving more sluggish and energy can seem like something from the past. But worry not! All we have to do to beat this is to get back on track! Start eating right again by cutting out all the heavy carbs and sugars that are making your tired and your mind foggy. This will make you feel ready to tackle any problem that may come your way and can inspire you to begin exercising if you haven’t started doing so already.Attempt to exercise a few times a week, even if the most you can do is a 45 minute walk in the evening. Studies show  that there is a direct correlation between your physical health and your cognitive abilities. Being regularly active can help your working memory, alleviates and helps you manage stress, improves concentration, among many other benefits that can help you stay motivated in the workplace. 

Wake up early

Starting your work day in a calm, positive way rather than rushing to beat the clock as to not be late is definitely going to help you be more motivated while at work. As soon as  your alarm clock sounds, fight the urge to hit snooze. Instead, get up and set your intention for the day. Meditate, exercise, shower and do all of the rituals that can help you get your mind in a more positive state. According to Harvard biologist Chirstoph Randler, early risers are more proactive and more likely to be better problem solvers. This will allow you to arrive at your place of employment feeling more energized, positive, and increase your productivity leaving less time to feel bored or melancholy that it is not yet Friday.     

Stay active while at work

We already stressed how important exercise is, but we didn’t discuss the benefits of staying active while at work. If you work in an office setting chances are you do a lot of sitting. This can lead to back pain, boredom and lower morale. Find opportunities or tasks that will get you up and moving around the office. If you get a break during the day, Consider going for a walk to get lunch or just to enjoy the weather outside instead of sitting and scrolling on your phone. If that seems like too much, try doing 1-2 minute exercises that only require you to stand up at your desk such as, squats, etc. The key here is to stay moving throughout your day to keep your energy and motivation up. 

Plan a social event

Just because the holidays are gone does not mean that the festivities need to end. Having something to look forward to at or after work can help you stay motivated throughout the week, boost the overall team morale and help foster a more positive culture in your work environment. Talk to your staff/employers about setting up some social opportunities that can allow for staff interaction and double as team building. Some other ideas are setting up after work happy hour gatherings, getting a team together to do a walk-a-thon, or having lunch together at work. 

Do something new

         Try adding some excitement to your day buy taking on a new responsibility at work, going after a promotion, or simply learning a new skill that you can add to your resume. Often times we can get stuck or comfortable doing one thing that we forget to give ourselves the chance to grow in a new way. 

Using the provided steps as well as your own ideas can help you get over the post-holiday glum and inspire you to stay motivated this new year at work. Well, at least until summer when we begin our holiday frenzy once more! 

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