The Power of Employee Engagement


Morgan Henry

What does employee engagement even mean?  

To simplify it, employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passion and commitment to their job through exerting effort into their work and the company.

Recruiting and retaining employees can be an expensive investment.  

While it may not equal a huge loss when employees don’t work out, what every employer desires is to unlock the full potential of every employee so they can be an integral part of the team.

Employee engagement and satisfaction go far beyond cost.  

Employees who lose their passion will in turn show a loss of productivity and likely spread to other coworkers’ loss of engagement.

Satisfied and energetic employee morale is necessary for employees to become and continue to be engaged and provide value both in their role and as part of their team.

A strong foundation is a large part of supporting long-term talent.  

Maintaining a company culture that recognizes exceptional performers and innovative ideas is crucial and should be demonstrated by managers and executives.

Encouraging the sharing of creative ideas can sometimes be all it takes to engage an employee. 

By allowing employees the freedom to innovate, morale can be boosted, and retention rates can rise favorably.

Managers are there to assist and lead their teams to success while encouraging engagement.  

The best managers have a coach-like approach.  

They know their team members’ strengths, when to push, when to help them one on one, and when to give constructive feedback.

A cohesive team that encourages employee engagement will also focus on each individual holistically.  

Work and productivity are important, however, understanding your team on a personal level allows you to be more connected as well as engaged.

The quality of the work-life balance brings engagement together.  

Having extra opportunities or rewards in place to help drive productivity and increase recognition is an incredible benefit.

High-level employee engagement is the difference between a mediocre or exceptional customer experience.  

While the work will not always be fun, and certainly not easy, employees should enjoy what they do.  

People who come to work eager, excited, and motivated are the ones that contribute to the overall success of the company.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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