The Pro's & Con's of Hiring Internally

The Pro’s & Con’s of Hiring Internally


Morgan Henry

A position opens up, it now lays unclaimed, and while you make efforts to fill it, money is lost.

A decision must be made quickly and the first question that must be answered is “do we hire from within or externally?”.

Here is what we do know, there are pros’ and cons to both! Understanding both with help you make the best decision for your company.

Hiring from within is the preferred method of on-boarding for many companies. This is often because it is perceived that the benefits of hiring internally out-way’s outsourcing. Some undeniable positives to hiring from within include:

-The candidates familiarity with the company culture.

-Potentially decreased time spent in training.

-There are no surprises; you know what you’re getting.

-Increased employee morale as they can work towards promotions, and don’t feel stuck in the same position.

Some of the Con’s:

-Ongoing hiring from within keeps outside talent from joining the team that may bring with them new energy and insight.

-Staff develops a sense of entitlement and perceives the only factor needed for promotion is senitority.

– You may lose quality employees as it may seem a promotion may never come unless senior management leaves their roll.

-Beware of “corporate inbreeding”. This is a term often used for companies who only hire/promote from within. While change is not always wanted it is needed.

The best route to go?

Have a balance!

A mix of internal and external hires is the best route to keep current employees engaged, and motivated. The benefits to finding this balance is endless.

Allowing your company the flexibility of finding change when needed well help to keep employees  motivated and working towards promotion that is based off of merit earned.

Avoid hiring internally just because it appears to be easier, quicker, and less expensive in the short term.

Always consider the long term and choose candidates based off of their potential and what they can offer your company in the future.

Whatever you choose always make sure  to weigh your options and explore what is right for your company!

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