The Right Team


Morgan Henry

Working every day and showing up to do your best is a test of endurance, a necessity for success.   

No matter how much you love what you do there are always good days and extremely tough days.  

So, what is it that can keep you pushing through to reach your goals? 


Having the right talent on your team is half the battle.  That mesh of individuals that truly wants to see each other succeed and cheers one another on. 

If you don’t show up as a cheerleader for your teammates to help them win then people will see right through that.

Regardless if you are in a leadership position or not you need to be able to assist and mentor others around you as well as reach out for support when necessary.

As simple as it may sound, the path to bringing together the right team is not easy and will be ever changing or adjusting.  

There are no straight lines in life.  Every field of work and life has hills and valleys.  

Being with the right people, with the right talent is what will help you navigate all those ups and downs.

Team unity is essential, however, having the ability to LISTEN to your team is just as important.  

Listening to others is powerful.  In return, being thoughtful and prepared to respond with a clear message yourself  is what makes a great leader.  

Keep in mind that a great talker does NOT equal a great leader.  

Instead, someone who takes the time to be selective with what is said and responded to is a sign of a strong and intelligent leader.

Don’t be fooled, it by no means insinuates that a person is perfect and flawless. 

You will have amazing mentors and leaders in your life, and many times you may only see a few things in their attributes that are something you want to learn and emulate.  We all have flaws, and great leaders are no exception.

Each and every one of us is unique, and what one person excels in another may struggle with.  

We all make mistakes.  Overall, having good character, positive habits,  remaining focused and always being humble will always help you overcome any challenge.

Not every day, month or year is a win, but maintaining the fundamentals with a positive attitude and great work ethic are the keys to success.  

The perseverance to never stop trying, learning and growing will encourage those around you.  

Believe in yourself and others. 

Build the right team and the right culture.  

There is no timeline, so don’t try to rush it.  Every experience will help you along the way.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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