The Work Day Blues 5 Tips To Improve the Bad Days

The Work Day Blues: 5 Tips To Improve the Bad Days


Morgan Henry

Bad days at work are inevitable and sometimes there is no way to avoid them. 

However, the way you handle these rough days makes all the difference in your attitude, productivity, confidence and in how others view you. 

When those bad days occur use these five simple tools to improve the moment.

Take a Break

If you find yourself struggling at work, the best thing you can do is to walk away for a few minutes. 

Get up, leave your work area, go for a walk around the building, sit outside, read a book, listen to music or a podcast, etc. 

This will give you time to relax, redirect your attention elsewhere which will help decrease your stress levels.

Focus on Gratitude

Gratitude is a terrific way to focus on the good that is going on in your life. 

When you’re having a rough moment, hit pause, grab a pen and make a list of all the things you are grateful for.

Focusing on what you are grateful for is a terrific task to start every day – not just on those tough workdays. 

Simplify Tasks 

When possible change your task to something you excel at and enjoy completing. 

Switching to tasks can help change your outlook on the day by helping you feel more successful and productive. 

Cope Ahead 

Develop coping skills that you can tap into when you have a case of the work day blues. 

Many times there is a certain individual who can cause your day to turn for the worse very quickly. 

Having a reaction plan for the bad days will prepare you on how to respond best when difficult situations arise. 

Smile Often

There are many health benefits associated with smiling. 

Research has proven that a smile on your face can improve your mood, boost your immune system and even lower your blood pressure!

Smiling can also help you stay positive during those negative times.

Rough days are inevitable and ultimately it’s your choice to turn those challenges into happy, positive experiences.

Written By: Morgan Henry  

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