Tips on how to be Prepared for your Video Interview

Tips on how to be Prepared for your Video Interview


Morgan Henry

Video interviewing is on the rise!

With the growth of technology interviewing people across the country without the expense of travel has become a reality; and many staffing agencies and employers are jumping aboard this more efficient way to interview and per-screen candidates before scheduling them for a live interview. 

iDEAL is excited to be among the few offering businesses the opportunity to view pre-recorded videos of top candidates answering pre-set questions.

The new video recording feature allows candidates to record a video of themselves to highlight those things that a paper resume can not capture  (personality, presence, and communication skills).

Hiring managers are then provided with access to the video resumes so they can learn a little more about the interested candidates before extending an offer for a live interview!

If your currently on the job hunt there is a strong possibility that you will be asked to be part of a video interview.

Below are some tips to get you ready for your video interview debut!

  • Be prepared, prepared in this type of interview means check your tech!

It’s important to ensure you have a good internet connection established with ample time before the interview takes place. This will help you to find a new setting in the event that your home WiFi goes offline. In addition you need to ensure that you have the software you need prior to your interview. Download the programs needed and spend time becoming familiar with the system to avoid any delays on the day of the interview.

  • Set up your interview space.

You want to make sure you have good lighting and that your background is appropriate. Avoid sitting in areas that have items hanging on the walls and ensure your interview space is private. You want to be able to speak freely and have no background noises that can be distracting. We strongly advise against video interviewing at your current job as “speaking freely” goes out the window in this type of situation!

  • Dress as if you were going to an in person interview.

Fight the urge to go pant-less! If you happen to stand up or need to move for any reason you won’t want to show your interviewer your bottom half!

Remember a video interview is still an interview and you want to always dress to impress, and be your best!

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