Top 4 Questions to ask a RECRUITER


Morgan Henry

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter, then you probably wonder where to even start.

The first step, don’t be hesitant, just take the opportunity to ask questions. 

A good recruiter is there to build a relationship with you and HELP you with your career.

Whether you are seeking out their help, were contacted by the company’s recruiter, or received an out of the blue “cold call” or message, a recruiter is the best tool you can have for a job search.

Companies are looking for the best candidate to fill their roles and know that selecting the right candidates can be stressful and time-consuming.

When you form that relationship with a recruiter they in turn have the information they need to help you land the right job.  

As you get started here are our top 4 insightful questions YOU can ask a recruiter to be sure you establish a good relationship.

1. What is your experience? 

Starting a conversation about them is a good icebreaker and likely to help you form a bond before you start sharing more about yourself.  

A strong relationship goes both ways and learning more about your potential recruiter can be insightful, reassuring, and a quick way to see if you will be comfortable working with them.  

This simple question opens the door to learning more about the roles they typically place and what geographic area they work with or specialize in.

2. Will you walk me through the whole process?  

At this moment everything is new to you, so you should learn right from the start what you can expect. A recruiter is there to assist and guide, to be your confidant and your coach.  

It all starts with learning about you, making your resume the best it can be, discussing your skills and job expectations, and submitting you to compatible job opportunities.  

Your recruiter will be there for one on one coaching, all the tips, and of course feedback to help you land the perfect job.  

3. How long does the process take? 

While important, this question can vary depending on your role, specifications, and if the recruiter contacted you first.  

The goal is to help you move to the job you desire and that could be immediate and happen the same week, or it could be more tedious and take weeks or even months to complete.  

Working together isn’t about a quick job, it’s about finding the iDEAL fit for you.

4. What job details will I know before my resume is submitted? 

Even if you are the one who has found a job online, the recruiter will have much more information and insight into the role than the online job description.  

A recruiter is able to provide you with all the details as well as ask any unknown questions for you prior to submitting your resume.  

Insight into what the role entails, the hours expected, the ability to grow and advance, and even the company culture will help you assess yourself and see if you think you could thrive at this position and company.

Working with a recruiter should feel like working with a friend.  

We are open books and only want the best for you, a recruiter is truly an ally.  Be confident and ask all the questions along the way.

Making a career move is a big deal and you want to be sure you have the right person on your side to help you along the way.

If you’re ready for a career move this is your sign to contact an iDEAL recruiter today!

Written By: Morgan Henry

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