Top Talent

Top Talent


Morgan Henry

What traits are most desired when an organization is looking for a new employee?

The question seems simple but often employers are not clear on what they are looking for and  onboard the wrong person as a result. 

While the desirable traits will vary for some there are several key characteristics employers should look for when expanding their team. 

Confidence: Employers love a person who is asking and willing to do more than what is required. Happily accepting any task and exceeding expectations.  While money is always a motivator, enjoying the job should also be obvious and two will marry well together.

Initiative: Being upbeat and energized for each work day is not always easy but these employees have an edge over those who may burn out easily. Being eager can help build a better work environment that will lead to more ideas and an enjoyable relationship with co-workers.

Positive attitude: Being around pessimistic co-workers is never a fun scenario. An employee that comes to work (even a zoom meeting) with a smile on their face exudes a contagious mood. Not only having a joyful attitude but recognizing problems and assisting suggesting and executing solutions. Optimism leads to better teamwork and work culture to lead to achieving bigger goals.

Self management: Employees who are motivated on their own generally produce outstanding work and are consistently hard workers. Individuals such as this rise above adversity and have humility; able to take criticism and better themselves in the long run.

Hard working: While this may seem obvious for some it isn’t always sustainable. The benefits of hard work cannot be replaced.

Dependable: Employees that take personal ownership of all aspects of their job.  They are on time and courteous of others time. They present themself in a professional manner and are able to remain responsible and capable of accepting more responsibility.

Honest: What value do the other top talent characteristics have if you are not honest? Integrity is essential and an honest employee will be transparent in all aspects of their job. 

Written by: Morgan Henry

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