Travel Nurses: Protecting Your Mental Health


Morgan Henry

Nurses experience many stressors while on the job. 

As a travel nurse you are thrown an extra level of pressure to learn new facilities and procedures while being in an unfamiliar city.

It’s critical to recognize your stressors and know how to handle them to help you stay at the top of your game.

As a travel nurse things can sometimes happen very quickly.  Having a routine and organization in place can be a huge help!  

Prepare a checklist of all your work and relaxation necessities. 

Keep this checklist and update as needed to prepare for your uncoming adventures!

With each and every assignment being different be sure to keep a routine for yourself that brings you relief.  

Know what works to help you stay grounded and continue those habits.  

Whether it be a sleep habit, certain snacks you eat regularly  or an exercise routine, continuing what you are used to will help you feel more comfortable in a new environment and job.

The never ending changes a travel nurse can encounter would bring anyone stress.

Make sure to put aside the time YOU need to relax and take a breather. 

Find your escape and add it to your calendar so you don’t let it slip by.  

A spa visit, bubble bath, new book, a visit from a friend or family member, things like that are essential to helping you feel refreshed.

Taking the time to do the things you enjoy and be around people that make you happy will not only help you, but also make you a more caring nurse.

Remember that travel nursing isn’t just about the money, it’s also about new adventures!

Think of it as an extended vacation and make a “to-do” list of things you want to experience.  

There is nothing wrong with taking a day off to lay on the couch and catch up on tv, but having a list of things you want to experience will help you choose what is going to be the most beneficial for you at the moment. 

Find YOUR balance of exploring new local venues and attractions while knowing when to just take a mental health day.

Nursing is a very stressful career and it’s extremely important to check in with yourself for your mental and physical health. 

Written By: Morgan Henry

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