Turn the Vision Board Into Habits


Morgan Henry

Turn the Vision Board Into Habits

Do you ever feel the urgency to accomplish something RIGHT NOW, even when the timing is not right and we just are not ready for a big change?

It’s time to change your mindset.

Creating goals and visions are important to keep on track and continually grow, however, even more important is maintaining positive daily habits.

To achieve any goal, you have to start by putting in place daily habits that align with your vision.

To set a goal alone is not enough.  

Creating and putting into practice positive habits will soon become automatic and motivational to help us reach our goals and overall vision.

Our daily lives are all about habit, so it makes sense to align our workplace actions with our vision so we are not pulling away from it.

INTENTION, DISCIPLINE, REPETITION, and ADJUSTMENT are key to aligning our habits with our goals.

Small changes can create a huge difference.  So, how exactly do we do this?

There is no one right way to go about analyzing your habits so they align with your goals.  

Ultimately, it comes down to you taking the time to find what works for you.

Take the time to write everything down.  

Your goals as well as your current habits and habits that you feel will bring you better results to reach your goals.

What needs to change or be implemented?  Write that down and post it where you will see it every morning.  

If you have never tried creating a vision board maybe now is the time.  

Our goals may start with a month or year, but our overall vision needs to exceed that and truly look into the future of what you want for yourself in your work life and personal life.

It all connects and takes time to think through, ‘Where do I want to be in the next 5 years’ or ‘What do I most want to accomplish?’ 

Knowing what you want to work towards is an incredible motivator to make your daily habits align with your overall vision.

To see growth you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and that isn’t always easy.

Being able to see your goals every day is that simple reminder to keep pushing and pursuing. 

Remember, we will all face failure.  

That failure is not a negative, it does not make a whole week or month a failure.  

Learn from your trials, be mindful and actively work on aligning those daily habits for your goals and vision this year.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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