Unemployment after COVID-19

Unemployment after COVID-19


Morgan Henry

30 million unemployment claims were filed just seven weeks into the COVID-19 crisis (US Dept of Labor). 

These numbers are heartbreaking and will likely continue to climb.  

Businesses and employees alike are feeling the pressure and while we maintain a cup half full mentality it is hard to not have some concern for what is to come.

So alas, as much as we like to keep things light and bright, we must also keep it real. 

So here is the reality that might be hard to swallow. 

The wealth gap will get even wider. 

Millions of people will become long-term unemployed or endure intermittent work.

So here is our plea to our communities: 

To businesses and managers – 

Initially you might find it hard to fully staff your team. 

Due to the economic incentive packages and interesting calculations of the unemployment department many people are now collecting more wages than when they were gainfully employed.  This may encourage individuals to take an extended time off from work. 

Once the benefits dry up  (which they will) there will be scramble to find work and hiring managers will now be in the driver’s seat. 

With a wealth of résumés to choose from, management may not  feel the need to pay well or offer good benefits.

Don’t be that company. 

Quantity does not equal quality.

Continue to offer incentive and benefit packages to ensure you snag the best of the best. 

Quality employees will be key to the survival of your company after the COVID-19 crisis ends. 

To Employees:

If you were furloughed or laid off due to the Coronavirus you may be collecting unemployment benefits.

It is possible that you are now earning more income than when you were working. This might make it tempting to take an extended “break” from work while the dust settles. 

This is NOT a good idea. 

Staying on unemployment is NOT a long term solution. Eventually the benefits will STOP. 

And then guess what?

It will officially be an employers market. With hundreds of thousands of people looking for jobs your opportunity will likely be taken. 

We highly recommend it, as soon as you can get back to work, do so. 

As our Country slowly starts to phase into reopening we will all need to work hard to boost our economy back to where it was before the start of the pandemic. Don’t sit back and watch it happen, join us in the fight!

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