Video Interviewing is the Future

Video Interviewing is the Future


Morgan Henry

The dreaded interview process.

Clean up your resume, send it in with a cover letter, complete lengthy application covering the same information already in your resume, and then you wait….

To possibly, maybe, get called in for a face to face interview and then hope to be called back for a second… maybe even third interview.

Thankfully times are changing!

The old way of interviewing was drawn out and ineffective. Top talent was often lost in a lengthy hiring process, that came with a high price tag.

The birth of video interviewing could not be received with arms more wide open than the those in the recruitment field!

Wondering what  video interviewing is?

Don’t worry, we’ll explain:

“Video interviewing is the process of conducting an interview at a remote place by utilizing video technology as a medium of communication”.

There are two types of video interviews:

One-way: A pre-recorded video of the candidate made available to the employer.

Two-way: Live video interview. This is a direct LIVE, connection established between the  employer and candidate.

You can expect recruiters to requests video references, and completion of video interviews. This is the new efficient way to interview and land the dream job so get prepped and camera ready!

Nervous behind the camera? No sweat, make sure to connect with a talent recruitment agency and they will prepare you for your big debut!

The benefits of video interviewing are many! Video interviewing makes it possible to conduct interviews with candidates across the globe, decreases travel costs, and saves the in person interview for the top candidates.

Video Interviews are the future! Get ready friends, the next few years are going to look very different in the hiring world!

We can’t wait!

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