White-Hot Job Market

White-Hot Job Market


Morgan Henry

Supply vs Demand.

A tale as old as time that has now impacted the job market! With unemployment rates reaching the lowest they have been in over 18 years comes a plethora of job openings.

Employers are finding it harder and harder to find quality employees to fill open positions. Some larger companies are even engaging in “bidding wars” over top candidates, in hopes that candidates  will choose to join their company rather than the competition!

Job seekers filling waiting rooms with resume in hand, desperately waiting their turn to interview and hopefully land that sought after position seems to be a thing of the past. There is now a new trend of interview no shows and people backing out of the hiring process mid stream.

Job seekers have more options now, and they are taking them!

It’s time to roll with the times, and ditch the archaic system of hiring by screening out talent.  Resumes, long qualification lists, and rigidity can leave you short handed in this white-hot market.  

If you find talent with the skills listed below, hire them! Potential is how we now define qualified.

  1. Willing to learn
  2. Adaptability
  3. Open to feedback
  4. Willing to make changes to self
  5. Empathic and flexible

We also caution you to be mindful of any potential hiring process breakdowns. Employers will often hire “warm bodies” instead of their top choice, because the best candidates are lost in a lengthy process. To avoid this, keep qualified candidates engaged by providing frequent and transparent communication. We have seen many companies lose their top choice due to rigidity of following outdated hiring procedures.

When you find top talent, act quickly and be decisive. Make sure to offer a competitive salary, and maintain reasonable expectations.

If you haven’t already, consider the benefits of outsourcing your talent search to the professionals. Talent recruiters are trained to find your perfect match, and are experts in avoiding breakdowns in the hiring process.  

“Your company will need to bring it, to retain it. Once good talent is found you need to offer a better environment, growth potential, and higher compensation than your competitors”. -Rebeca Martinez, Director of Recruitment

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