Why Staffing Agencies are Your Friend During This Difficult Time

Why Staffing Agencies are Your Friend During This Difficult Time


Morgan Henry

“The only thing consistent in life is change”. -Unknown

Never, have we ever, been more thankful for this fact. 

We are so ready for that change to arrive.

We find ourselves longing for networking events and group comradery more than ever.

I think we are all praying together that the abrupt shift that has occurred in our nation is short lived. 

In the meantime as we live through this temporary new normal we have no choice but to face the facts: 

FACT –  Companies everywhere, no matter the industry will be impacted by the current economic climate. 

FACT – Recruitment Agencies are going to be your best friends during this trying time. 

Here’s why:

  1. Temp work

While some of us are having to let go of our staff, hospitals and medical providers are finding themselves overwhelmed and understaffed.  

Recruitment agencies like iDEAL are equipped to help healthcare companies dodge the red tape to get Temporary and Per Diem staff in place quickly!

2. Repairing 

The financial crisis created by COVID-19  has plunged the number of company layoffs to an all time high. But as time settles and business reopen many will find themselves understaffed. 

That’s where we come in!

Staffing agencies (like iDEAL) have a steady group of applicants ready to be placed.

We will be here to help you pick up the pieces as you get back to business.  

One thing we know for sure is we will all bounce back!

We are a resilient community and as we say goodbye to this pandemic we will welcome the chance to be a part of rebuilding the businesses and communities we love. 

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