Work Stress VS Anxiety

Work Stress VS Anxiety


Morgan Henry

Is it stress or anxiety?

The two are often used as synonyms but they hold different value and are objectively not the same.

Work stress is a normal occurrence for most people in the workforce. It is often described as any sort of pressure to meet a deadline or overwhelming feelings caused by a full workload.

For a lot of us work stress is experienced regularly. Often times you can reduce the level of stress by improving time management skills, exploring options for reducing workload, or finding creative alternatives to share responsibilities.

How is stress different from anxiety you ask?

Anxiety often brings with it severe physical symptoms that can be debilitating and significantly impacts work performance. It often leads to burnout, poor attendance, and possible job loss.

With Anxiety unfortunately no amount of shared responsibilities is going to lessen the physical symptoms. Anxiety can cause abdominal distress, increase heart rate, feelings of panic, difficulty  concentrating, clouded thinking, and in severe cases it can lead to panic attacks.

People experiencing anxiety at this level need to seek out professional support. Medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are known to be effective treatments for the management of Anxiety Disorders. Make sure you check with local therapy providers to get support if you are experiencing any of the symptoms we have mentioned.

We hope you all find your work balance  and remember the importance of self care. We are most productive,  and effective when we are mindful of ourselves!

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