Your iDEAL Match

Your iDEAL Match


Morgan Henry

Part of the iDEAL Team

We often talk a lot about the iDEAL employee and finding your perfect match.

At iDEAL at our core we strive to match the companies we serve with their very own iDEAL employee.

To many it seems like an impossible task.

How are we are able to do this?

What is that secret recipe that helps us to identify that employee that will be a good match for the company.

Today we will share the iDEAL recipe.

It all starts with a strong team of business developers.

This group of individuals have been hand picked by the creators of iDEAL personnel. The Business Developers spend ALOT of time with the companies we serve.

They have meals with them, visit them weekly and are in constant contact with the people that fill the halls of the businesses that we serve.

This allows for us to get to know the company, the people in it, and the purpose of the departments within it.

This a crucial step in our process!

The more we know about the company the better we are able to meet their needs! So when our iDEAL clients are in need of 15 employees to staff a new office they have just opened. We know exactly what to do!

Elite Recruitment Team (ERT) to the rescue!

This group is led by one of the founders and one of the top recruiters in the field. Her leadership has allowed for iDEAL to develop a superior recruitment team!

The ERT team searches and find the top persons in their field. Each indiviudal in this iDEAL group is interviewed (often multiple times), and screened to ensure they meet the qualifications and needs of the positions that are being filled.

We make sure that we only send the iDEAL fits to the company for in person interviews! This has led to the frequent magic that happens here at iDEAL – immediate hire ons after the first interview with the company!

So there it is, the recipe for how we find iDEAL fits for the companies we serve.

It takes a whole lot of hard work, experience, expertise, patience, passion, leadership and a pinch of love.

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